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insert quarter for free wisdom

Keeper of the Robot
16 July
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I'm interested in things.


Compiled here is a cross-section of some of my favorite things in an easy to read list format.

Favorite Books: Lolita, The Defense, The Great Gatbsy, Choke, Stranger Music, The Great Libertarian Offer.
Favorite Games, (Pen and Paper): Dungeons and Dragons (1,2ed), Hackmaster, Paranoia.
Favorite Games, (Board/Card): Junta, Illuminati (CCG), The Storyteller's Game.
Favorite Games, (Electronic): Civilization (I,III), Pirates! (all incarnations), Wing Commander II, Half-Life, The Bard's Tale, Ultima 7, Space Quest (I-V), King's Quest (I-VII).
Favorite Movies: Magnolia, Elizabeth, Dangerous Beauty, Shaolin Soccer, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Love Liza, Memento, Pitch Black.
Favorite Series,(TV): Sports Night, Homicide: Life on the Streets, Firefly, Angel (excluding S4), Buffy (exculding S7), Babylon 5 (1x01-4x23, 5x22), West Wing (1x01-3x01), Farscape (1x01-3x01).
Favorite Series,(Comics): Walking Dead, Rising Stars, Ultimate Spiderman, Ultimate X-Men.
Favorite Music: Leonard Cohen, Loreena McKennit, They Might Be Giants, Imaginary Heaven, Steven Forbert, Chris Crofton.
Favorite Food: Tacos, (meatless).
Favorite Type of Paper: Graph.
Favorite Operation: Exclusive Or (XOR).
Favorite Comedian: Eddie Izzard.
Favorite Undead Creature: Zombies.


Feel free to contact me in one of the following methods.

Livejournal Comment. If you’re reading this, odds are, you’ve got yourself a shiny journal of your own, and this is your best bet at getting my response in a timely manner.

Instant Messenger: Using the instant messenger client of your choice is the second most likely way to get a hold of me, assuming you use one of the following services. Try to ensure in your first message that I know who you are, or provide evidence that you are in some way interesting.

ICQ: 8794923 / Andamaroo
AOL-IM: Andamaroo
Yahoo Messenger: Andamaroo
Windows Messenger: Andamaroo

Voice Contact: Look around and whisper, speak or scream the name Andamaroo at the decibel level of your choice. If I can hear you, I’m likely to respond. Watch out for Andamaroo imposters though.

Email Contact: If you don’t have a livejournal, don’t use IM clients and are afraid of Andamaroo imposters, your last best hope to get ahold of me is through email at andamaroo (at) gmail.com. Don’t expect a particularly quick turnaround though.